The woman lied her hubby about her pregnancy for nine months, and on the day the baby was born, she kidnapped herself


Women often do unspeakable things for the sake of their relationships, sometimes even breaking the law in the process.

Welcome to the profile of Antonella Milena Santiago Padilla, a local of a tiny Colombian village.

By claiming to be pregnant, the crafty con artist was able to trick her husband and family.

The spouse, as it turned out, planned to leave Antonella, but when he learned of an intriguing circumstance, he stayed out of duty.

The woman employed an overhanging belly that she filled with rags as the “term expanded” so that her loved ones wouldn’t suspect anything.

And to further her argument, the Colombian displayed ultrasound photographs that she had stolen off the Internet and presented as her own.

The woman left her house on the day of the anticipated delivery.

She then informed her loving hubby that she had been abducted when she came home later that evening.

The fraudster claims that the assailants seized her close to the clinic, pushed her into a car, and then drove off in an unkown destination.

The woman said that she had sleeping medications put into her and that someone had torn into her tummy to remove the kid.

She reassured her husband that the thieves need their child in order to sell it on the black market.

In the hospital, where her family had taken her against her will, the woman’s cunning plot was discovered.

No knife wounds were discovered on Padilla’s body during a medical examination.

Additionally, after a thorough inspection, they discovered that Antonella was not pregnant.

The police were, incidentally, already looking for the accused kidnappers of youngsters at that time.

They questioned locals in the community in an effort to uncover at least some hints that would identify the gang.

The fact that the lady is now being prosecuted for a crime is known. And the court will determine what that is.

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