She can’t buy the ideal dress, so her prom date learns to sew it for her instead


The ideal prom attire was found by Addi Rust, but it was beyond of her financial range.

The Indiana teen had no idea what she was going to wear because that big night was still a few months away.

Parker Smith, who was Addi’s dancing partner, joked with her over her attire since he was confused of what to do.

But here’s the thing: Addi had no notion that Parker, a high schooler, would attempt to make her a clothing even though he had no knowledge of how to sew a single thread!

Parker worked with his grandmother for several months to learn how to sew.

On the gown, he carefully worked, building and remaking it until it was ideal.

He was still making the last adjustments the night before the dance.

Addi was able to envision the dress in her mind’s eye throughout the entire process.

In spite of this, she was overcome with emotion when Parker presented it in all of its Disney princess opulence.

Her mouth dropped open at the finished result. There were others like her.

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