A 101-year-old great-grandmother welcomes the arrival of her first grandchild after waiting for 75 years


The 101-year-old grandma was ecstatic to meet the newest member of her family and was filled with excitement.

Despite the fact that she already has six stepchildren, eight great-grandchildren, and five grandchildren, she is still single.

It is generally known that relationships between grandparents and grandchildren are unmatched.

This specific connection strengthens through time and brings happiness to the family as a whole, including the parents.

The most important factor is that grandparents recognize themselves in their grandchildren, and their relationship is the ideal fusion of love, understanding, and joy.

When the old mother first met her great-granddaughter, the heartbreaking images were taken.

The newborn was the family’s first grandchild in seventy-five years.

Maeva, who was born on November 24, 2021, was spotted by Gwen Smith, 101, on December 21, 2021, in her bedroom at the Dene Holm care home in Northfleet, Kent, Britain.

The Smiths watched as Gwen held the lovely girl in her arms while being surrounded by several generations of her family.

Gwen couldn’t take her eyes off Maeva because she was in love with her.

The Smith family recalls, “Bringing 5 generations together was a special experience.

The Smiths expressed their gratitude to the nursing home administration for allowing them to visit due to the outbreak.

A few days later, in February 2022, Gwen turned 101, and the Smiths said she was delighted and pleased to welcome a new member to the fam.

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