This woman who gave birth to her 22nd baby is in excellent health after 800 weeks of pregnancy


The couple’s 22nd child was born on April 5, 2020, to Sue Radford, 44, and husband Noel, 48.

They are the largest family in the UK.

When the girl was 14 years old, Sue and Noel welcomed their first kid into the world.

The two had known one other since they were young. She carried a baby inside her for 800 weeks in all.

However, Sue looks fantastic, according to Sue’s social media fans.

The family shares experiences from their lives on their own blog, which they maintain on social media sites like Instagram and YouTube.

After their parents dumped the boy and girl, Sue and Noel themselves were raised in foster care.

In order to have a large, content family, they want to have as many children as they can.

Most diminutive As per her mom, Heidi was born 3.1 kg, 12 days early, and was in good condition and quite quiet.

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