How Merkulov’s quintuplets are doing at the age of 3—the long-awaited bliss


Alexander and Anastasia Merkulov, who were married, simultaneously gave birth to five children in the summer of 2017.

Everyone anticipated having four children, but in the end, there were really five.

The young parents were unfazed by this in any manner since if there were not four children, there were five!

As a result, the couple had long dreamed of having children, but their attempts to do so were unsuccessful.

Anastasia believed she had done this. A miscarriage resulted with each pregnancy.

Nastya announced that she was expecting once more to her husband Sasha in 2016.

Thankfully, this pregnancy was able to be carried to a full 32 weeks, and the woman was getting ready for a planned caesarean section.

Since her mother was fairly frail and the doctors had to fight for her life, the surgery was quite distressing for her.

When her condition started to get better, the doctor shockedly entered the ward and told Nastya, “You have to survive.

There are five adorable infants waiting for you.

The fulfillment of their long-cherished desire filled the Merkulovs with gladness!

How they coped with so many little kids was sometimes questioned.

When the kids were little, Anastasia managed on her own with the help of her husband after work.

After six months, when the babies began to move about on their own, Alexander planned a trip to help his wife.

Thus, the quintuplets have been alive for three years.

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