A man comes upon a child wrappen in a towel at a park: The moment is really moving


Raul Marin Seha had no particular expectations for this Saturday morning.

He crossed the river without noticing anything out of the ordinary, like he did every day.

But suddenly, the man discovered a filthy bundle on the shore, which puzzled him because he hadn’t been there the day before.

The man briefly believed that the package was moving.

Raul carefully started to move in the direction of the beast engulfed within, documenting everything on his phone camera out of fear of coming across a hazardous animal.

He was startled and threw the handkerchief away. A child was enclosed in the gift!

The young girl appeared to have recently given birth.

Raoul grabbed the youngster and sprinted to the hospital while still in utter disbelief.

The infant was abandoned at the ideal time for Raul to discover it.

The girl was able to offer the required help while in the hospital.

However, there is no information available on the parents.

But the young guy chooses to adopt the girl because he feels a particular connection to the infant he’s found.

In making this choice, Raoul’s family fully backed him! It’s the happiest the young father has ever been.

It’s incredible how the stars lined up and brought him and his daughter together at the perfect moment!

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