250 Amish men lift and move a barn across an Ohio property to its new location by hand


The Amish aren’t necessarily against all technology or equipment, but they do tend to be more traditional and sluggish to absorb new and contemporary types of advancements.

In the United States, there are about 40 Amish associations.

These tiny, close-knit societies organize and carry out their many duties solely on their own—man power and elbow grease.

Groups of Amish people traveled via horse-drawn carriages to his Ohio home earlier in the morning in March 19.

They were only there to move the pole barn completely by hand across the land from one side to the other in the dead of winter.

You can see how fantastic this is: it’s stunning!

Since we have sophisticated technologies, nobody handles and carries anything?

The building was lifted and carried intact by around 250 guys who had assembled around all four sides of the structure.

In tandem with the men’s bending and stretching of the enormous structure, these women watched and observed.

This distance was around 200 feet (60.96 meters) until the entire building was safely set up in its new place across the field.

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