“Thumbelina,” a 12-year-old girl with a rare type of dwarfism, weighs the same as a newborn


You are familiar with Tiny Kenadie Jourdin-tale Bromley’s if you can recall her.

However, if you don’t know, continue reading to find out. This girl was born with a unique condition.

She was 28 cm and weighed barely 2.5 pounds in her early days.

She now only weighs as much as a child of two years old and is approximately three feet tall.

Due to the infant’s extreme minuscule size, her mother, Brianne Jourdin, expressed concern.

The nurses referred to her as “Thumbelina” because of her small.

The medical team at the hospital thought the baby girl would only survive for a short while.

She was thought to have a neurological abnormality and wouldn’t survive for very long, according to doctors.

Eight months later, they learned that it is a rare condition that only affects one hundred individuals worldwide.

The poor infant had a great deal of agony during the healing process and had to take many medications.

However, her parents still had hope that she would live a long and happy life.

She is currently attempting to live her life to the fullest, surrounded by those who genuinely care about her and see the potential in her.

She is in good physical and mental health.

Even though the special girl struggles with studying, she participates in numerous activities, plays hockey, and goes to school.

The only thing her mother can hope for is that her daughter will be content in the future.

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