The husband adopted seven children on the same day after receiving good news from the adoption agency


The narrative of this enormous family is only a shining illustration of such ambitious households with numerous children.

Meet Josh Clark and Jessaka, the couple. They were Georgia natives.

Josh had always seen himself as the head of a large, content family that included a devoted wife and 10 children.

On the very first day of their relationship, he revealed to his adored wife his long-time desire.

Even while one might assume that most women would steer clear of these kinds of partnerships, Jessaka was really comfortable with it.

According to Jessaka, who also had parents who were adopted, she grew up with foster siblings.

Because of this, she was accustomed to sharing an apartment with several children.

They had only one child, a newborn girl called Noah, when they were married two years prior.

However, shortly after, a call to alert them about the “Super 7” siblings was made;

In foster care were 7 kids who had been abandoned by their mother.

When Josh saw her at that moment, he approached her and asked, “What if we adopt them all?”

In light of the fact that they had been in foster care for over three years, they decided to adopt all of them.

They had no idea that their family had grown from three to ten in one day.

Josh, Jessaka, and Noah welcomed them into their welcoming home and immediately fell in love with them at first sight.

What a joyful occurrence that was for them all!

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