Her odd appearance stopped everyone from making friends with her. Look at her 20 years later


An unusual girl was born 20 years ago into a typical Indian family.

Dark eyes and hair, swarthy complexion, and other physical features are common in the area.

Because of her creamy white skin, red hair, and large green-blue eyes, young Ganatra stood out from the rest of them.

Such a look would most likely not be rare for our latitudes.

But the girl really turned into the “black sheep” in India.

Because of her peculiar looks, the younger students at school even rejected her as a friend.

Even the parents became concerned when blotches started to form on the child’s face, so they went to the doctor.

What do you believe, then? What first struck dark-skinned Indians as a remarkable novelty turned out to be just regular freckles.

To determine if the child had been exchanged at the institution, Ganatra’s parents were even encouraged to undergo a DNA test by relatives.

They rebuffed it, though. Ganatra was undoubtedly their own daughter, they were certain of it.

She is in fact quite similar to her parents in every way, including her face characteristics and personality, save from the “color gamut.”

Ganahra eventually developed confidence and learnt to accept herself.

The older woman was no longer seen as unattractive; on the contrary, young people simply intrigued by the “exotic” beauty found the mature woman incredibly beautiful due to her uncommon look.

20-year-old Ganatra is cherished and content right now.

The only thing the girl regrets is that she spent many years feeling ashamed of and inferior to herself.

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