Even though this child is incredibly intelligent, Steve Harvey cracks up at his sense of humor


There are some highly intelligent and brilliant young people in the world who have developed a broad view and strong sense of self since infancy.

Due to the fact that many adults lack half of their IQ, these youngsters are more likely to be viewed as adults than children.

Steve Harley had the chance to engage with a variety of gifted children who have tremendously bright personalities and sharp minds while hosting “Little Big Shots.”

When he was ready to close the concert, he saw this young child.

Tommy Johnson, who was just 4 years old, had a huge talent for making a lot of people laugh with his outgoing nature and amazing sense of humor.

Everyone enjoyed the little star’s company at the Steve’s concert since he made them giggle.

When Stave enquired about his relationships with his people.

The little lad specifically mentioned his older brothers, who would not be interested in sharing their brides with him.

The crowd genuinely laughed as a result of his clear and incisive responses.

The entire crowd was captivated by his unique quality.

The youngster has demonstrated his intelligence by correctly identifying the images of all 45 US presidents.

He is also quite smart and educated about each of them individually.

Johnson has a lot going for him, and Steve can see him as a young adult anchoring a regular program.

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