She weighed 7.7kg when she was born. Here  how she looks now


A huge girl who broke records was born at one of the maternity facilities 11 years ago.

The infant weighed 7.7 kilos. Can you envision?

Her parents were told by the girl’s doctors that she may have serious health issues, but the girl’s mother held out hope for the best.

And there was cause for optimism because she had herself been able to deliver a daughter of that size to term.

The infant’s condition gradually improved.

Because it was only conceivable to hope in this girl’s situation that everything would be well and she wouldn’t have any health issues throughout her life, her mother gave her the name Nadia, which means hope.

Nadia also showed up in a large family, where 11 other siblings were already in their adolescent years in addition to her.

The family’s mother is a midwife, while the father is a member of the military.

And perhaps it was her line of work that enabled her to have the girl in spite of the challenges and worries about potential future issues.

The girl is currently 13 years old and has a typical adolescent life.

And if someone doesn’t know this tale and meets her, they will never be able to determine the girl’s birth weight.

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