At the age of 52, she got married with an African man, 25. Look how they live 


On a friend search website, Natalia and Paul connected.

The woman intended to make friends abroad and had no idea that she would fall in love with a 25-year-old man at the age of 52.

They used Skype frequently to start their relationship. Paul, a programmer who works from home, and Natalia, who has been retired for a while, began to communicate often.

She was disabled and seldom ever left the house. The three years of the distance relationship were spent apart.

Paul presented Natalia to every member of her family at this point.

The dad purchased a plane ticket for Natalia in the fourth year.

Natalia was warmly welcomed by the young man’s family. After staying in Paul’s country for a week, Natalia got a marriage proposal. She concurred.

The outcome was that the pair was married twice. The first took place in Africa, and the second was in the bride’s hometown Cherepovets.

The first party was really fantastic. The second one, meanwhile, was only attended by the friends’ group.

In order to be closer to his loves, Paul dared to relocate to Russia.

He was hired as a tractor driver, but he quickly went back to being a freelancer, greatly raising the family’s income.

Natalia had twins in 2017. David and Daniel are their names.

More than 300 relatives and family members gathered in front of the maternity hospital’s windows to witness the births of the infants.

The new father has successfully assimilated to Russian society.

He became an Orthodox Christian and attends church each Sunday.

The bathhouse captured his heart as well. Mother of Paul also enjoyed Russia. She came to watch the twins for a few months.

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