This 81-year-old woman made the decision to prove she is not losing her willpower 


We’ll share a story of a remarkable woman with you today.

81-year-old Mildred Wilson, who thinks she can overcome any challenge, is someone you should get to know.

Actually, her son’s suggestion to complete an obstacle course made out of mud was enthusiastically embraced.

She entered her first competition in 2019, it should be mentioned.

Mildred was supported at the time by her husband, who was present and still living.

He sadly went away last year, though.

But this year Mildred made the decision to take part in the nasty test once more.

Mildred claimed that her husband had always encouraged her and had faith in her ability to succeed in all endeavors.

She made the decision to demonstrate to everyone this year that, despite the fact that her spouse isn’t there, he would always be in her heart and serve as her inspiration.

These pictures demonstrate that Mildred, even at the age of 81, retains her will and exerts every effort to see things through.

It gives me a lot of inspiration to work really hard to accomplish my objective!

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