People criticized Victoria and David Beckham’s 11-year-old girl. Find out why


David and his girl were were seen at Venice’s Teatro La Fenice.

David is a classicist, thus he wore a stunning black suit.

The simple attire was complimented by elegant eyewear.

Harper, on the other hand, defied convention by wearing her shoes underneath her evening dress on the ground.

Many internet were understandably confused. But keep in mind that the girl is just 11 years old.

As a result, it is not quite accurate to suggest that she was required to wear high-heeled shoes.

Unfavorable commentators, on the other hand, continued to condemn.

Many individuals reacted negatively to Harper Beckham’s clothing.

This, however, is not inexpensive. The price was shortly determined by Western journalists to be $ 2,000.

Many people, though, still associate it with an old-fashioned curtain.

Of course, the appearance of an 11-year-old girl was mentioned.

Some others began to argue, as is common, that she was already overweight and that something should be done about it as soon as possible.

Harper only needs to maintain her attractiveness as the daughter of parents like hers.

“It’s wonderful that parents don’t impose their own beauty standards on their children!”

Thankfully, not every commenter was as vicious. As a result, Harper Beckham received the most support: “The key thing is that the youngster is happy!”

She’ll lose weight rapidly”, “Good girl!”, “I’m not sure why you’re looking for defects in her.

It does not make you more attractive.” “Harper dressed as she thought fit,” “It’s wonderful that parents don’t impose their notion of beauty,” and “I don’t understand adults who criticize youngsters.

I’d like to meet you when I’m 11 years old.” As a result, several users were outraged by fresh photographs of David Beckham.

However, it is impossible to call this critique objective.

Nonetheless, Harper Beckham’s leave cannot be described as a failure.

Nonetheless, we can tell that she tried to look respectable, and she succeeded.

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