Mother-record holder: 45-year-old lady gave birth to 19 kids. This is how the huge family lives


Svetlana, a 45-year-old mother, gave birth to 19 children!

Svetlana’s eldest kid is now 27 years old, while her youngest is just 8 months old.

The youngest was born on his father’s birthday, and he was there for the birth.

These births, like the preceding 18, occurred without the aid of doctors.

They now have 11 girls and 8 boys in their household.

Svetlana had her first kid when she was 18 and her 19th when she was 44.

The most intriguing aspect is that Svetlana and Peter are already discussing the birth of their twentieth kid.

Almost every month, the Kovalevich family celebrates a birthday.

There are none unless between September and October. January is the most popular month.

The family has a vast farm, which includes a horse, two cows, two pigs, chickens, ducks, and a large vegetable garden.

When berry and mushroom season arrives, everyone heads to the forest.

Mom and her children make compotes and winter supplies. And not just a few, but hundreds of cans!

Furthermore, the heroic mother bakes bread every two days, despite the fact that only roughly 3-4 loaves of bread are devoured at one supper.

Svetlana makes 15 liters of soup for lunch. This woman’s face is devoid of tiredness, only a grin.

Although she confesses that pregnancy has been increasingly difficult for her over the years.

But I am confident that if she becomes pregnant for the 20th time, she will give birth!

As a result, it is probable that the family will soon establish a new record!

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