A man comes to a little boy crying in the street: “Take me away from them,” the boy asks


Lewis Baker was a single man who worked tirelessly, frequently exceeding expectations, to distract himself from the events of his life. Lewis was not a single man a year ago.

In fact, he was married to Brittany, a beautiful woman, but their marriage fell apart, and they divorced. Lewis wanted to have children because he was raised in a large family, but Brittany had other priorities and didn’t want to.

This led to the breakup. She disliked children, so she would never become a mother. Lewis broke off his relationship with her immediately after realizing that their differences would prevent it from working.

Lewis was on his way to work one day when he heard crying on the corner of the street he was crossing and hoped to find someone who shared his love of children.

He came to a stop and focused on the noise. It was coming from the nearby alley, he realized. He was running late to work, but he couldn’t leave without knowing who the crying person was, so he followed the sound.

He eventually came face to face with a crying boy sitting at the back of the alley with his hands over his head.

Lewis wanted to assist the boy and felt sorry for him. However, as he got closer, the boy stood up and abruptly raised his head, revealing his tears’ deep red eyes.

“Who are you, exactly?” He asked Lewis in a voice that was shaking. Lewis assured him, “Don’t worry.” I only want to assist you. What is a young child like you doing alone here?

“If you can, please keep me away from them! Please!” He pleaded, his eyes hopeful. “Who is he referring to?” Lewis was puzzled to see the 8-year-old boy in such fear.

He made the decision to ask the child what was wrong and try to calm him down, but the boy started yelling before he could.

“Oh no! They are present! He yelled and looked over Lewis’ shoulder as if he had seen someone before fleeing. Lewis turned around, but no one was approaching.

He decided to follow the boy because he couldn’t figure out why the boy was acting so strangely. Hey, hold on! He screamed, “I can assist you!” However, the child would not stop.

The boy continued to run until he arrived at a church. Lewis tried to find him inside but was unsuccessful. He looked everywhere in the church, but he didn’t see him. The boy seemed to have vanished like a ghost.

However, Lewis saw the child crying his eyes out behind the church when he emerged. As he got closer, he said, “Hey, hey, it’s all right.” I can assist you.

Are you alright?” The kid raised his head and wrapped his arms around Lewis. I need you to stay with me! I’m sorry that I had to flee. Can I accompany you?” He cried.

Lewis decided not to leave the youngster because he felt a strange connection with him. He gave his embrace back and said:

Yes, I’ll assist you. No need to be concerned, okay? However, you must first inform me of the incident. The child wiped his tears away slowly.

He snorted, “My name is Henry, and I’m eight years old. My parents died a few months ago, so I don’t have anyone to care for me.” “But someone has got to take care of you, right? ” Lewis was perplexed.

Perhaps your neighbors or another individual?” Henry gave a head shake. “Not really… I used to live in an orphanage, but one day, some nasty people took me away.”

“What?” Lewis’s shocked eyes widened. What do you mean you were abducted?” The boy gave a nod. I was walking alone by the orphanage.

No one plays with me or spends time with me because I don’t have any friends there. I’m always by myself. As a result, someone behind me put something on my nose as I was walking.

I fell asleep after inhaling a foul odor. I saw them when I awoke. Because they were so filthy, I thought they were begging. And I was correct…” “Jesus!”

Lewis was shocked by what he was hearing. Henry, they didn’t hurt you, did they? Concerned, he inquired of the kid.

Henry’s eyes started to tear up right away. They were extremely evil people. They made me beg on the streets and refused to feed me.

When I begged, they were always around me, and I couldn’t get away. However, I was able to escape from them this morning, and when you arrived to assist me, I was able to see them from a distance.

They want to find me! Lewis said, with a heavy heart, “That’s awful.” Henry, however, why did you not return to your orphanage?

There, rather than on these streets, you’d be safer. He said with regret, “It’s in a different part of town.” I have no idea how to get there on my own.

I began to weep because I was afraid to be by myself. I’m glad we met! Please do not abandon me.

“I won’t abandon you. Lewis comforted the boy by saying, “I promise.” By the way, Lewis is my name. Let’s tell the police everything, okay?

This will allow them to punish the bad guys. And later we’ll go to your orphanage,” he continued as he extended his hand to Henry, who firmly grasped it.

Lewis and Henry found out that the police had already been looking for Henry when they got to the police station. However, the truth was quite different from what they thought.

He had escaped from the orphanage. When they heard his harrowing story, they felt sorry for the young child. They thanked Lewis for his assistance and decided to safely transport him to the orphanage.

“Sir, you can go. At the scene, the officer informed him, “We’ll take care of everything from here on out.” Lewis, on the other hand, insisted that Henry go to the orphanage with him.

Officer, I sincerely hope you won’t mind. Looking at Henry, who was sitting on a bench with another officer, he told the officer, “He’s still terrified, and I don’t want to leave him alone.”

He was given a sandwich and chocolate milk by the officers, but he refused to eat. He appeared to have stopped eating.

The police gave the boy permission to stay with Henry for a little while longer because of Lewis’ compassion for the boy and his desperate situation.

They also encouraged Henry to assist the sketch artist in drawing the people he suspected of kidnapping him before he left the police station that day.

Henry was afraid, but Lewis by his side gave him courage, and he followed the orders of the officers. Later, Henry approached him and inquired as Lewis dropped him off at the orphanage:

Can you occasionally visit me when you have time? Lewis, I like you. You have assisted me. I appreciate that! Lewis smiled and said, “I promise I’ll come see you, Henry.”

Keep in mind that you are never alone, okay? The boy whispered, “Thank you,” and went inside. Lewis couldn’t forget Henry’s face when he got home that day.

He had been such a workaholic, but when it came to Henry, he skipped work without a second thought. His boss called him several times, but he didn’t answer them because he was only concerned about Henry’s safety.

To see Henry before he went to work the following day, he left his house much earlier than usual. When the boy saw him, he burst into song. Lewis, you kept your word! Many thanks!

As he presented Henry with a brand-new pair of shoes and a box of chocolates, Lewis grinned and said, “I had to, Henry.” Henry’s shoes were old and worn, he had noticed.

Lewis was greatly moved by Henry’s smile as Lewis assisted him with the shoes. He couldn’t believe that for the first time, he was thinking about something other than work.

Lewis went to see Henry almost every day before going to work, and he would never stop spending time with the toddler on the weekends.

He soon realized that he couldn’t leave Henry because he was so attached to him. He made the decision to adopt him and inquired about Henry’s desire for a father.

“Henry, will you live with me?” He questioned the kid, If you would like me to be your father, I would like to be your father. The youngster embraced him and happily nodded.

Lewis, I’d like to call you dad. DAD, oops!” He had a chuckle. I am so grateful to you for everything! Dad, I adore you!” Lewis gave Henry a hug back and was literally crying.

He had always aspired to become a father, and now he could! Henry became Lewis’ legal son after the adoption process took some time to complete.

The beggars who had taken Henry were still being sought by the police.

After that, Lewis got a call one day and found out that the beggars had been caught and asked him to bring Henry to the police station to verify their identities. Henry verified that it was actually them.

Before he left, Lewis advised the officer, “Make sure they pay stiff penalties for what they did.” I pray they perish in hell!

That day, Henry and Lewis both felt relieved to leave the police station after learning that the beggars who had attempted to kidnap Henry had been apprehended.

They were content with each other and no longer had to worry. Lewis is no longer overworked and Henry is no longer alone because they live together.

On weekends, they watch movies or baseball games together. Lewis would take Henry to a new school and pick him up at the end of each day. Henry also enrolled in that school.

Lewis met a woman at Henry’s school one day. Emily, one of Henry’s classmates, was her aunt. Because Emily’s parents were always working, she picked up her niece every day.

Before Lewis and Emily knew it, they were in love. They started spending time together. They decided to get married after dating for a few months.

Henry was thrilled when Lewis told him he was having a baby. Six months after they met, Lewis and Emily tied the knot, and a year later, they gave birth to twins.

Lewis now has the beautiful family he had always wanted and is happily married and raising a family.

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