Cher sobbed as Adam Lambert sang her song “Believe” to her. He touched everyone with his voice


The success of Adam Lambert seems to be just getting started, as seen by this performance.

In the eighth season of the wildly successful reality competition “American Idol,” Lambert competed and finished in second place.

His debut CD, “For Your Entertainment,” was a big hit.

With the help of the number-one song “Whataya want from me,” Lambert gained some notoriety and people began to take notice of his abilities.

They began to appreciate his opinions, fashion sense, and musical preferences.

However, Lambert’s notoriety increased as a result of Queen’s six-concert tour in 2011.

So many people learned about a new tale as a result. After reading all the glowing testimonials and love letters about Lambert, the band decided to extend an open invitation to him to join them permanently.

The founding guitarist for the band Queen, Brian May, complemented him and said that he enjoyed hearing his voice.

May contrasted his observation of Lambert’s voice development to the times he observed Mercury honing his abilities in the same manner.

It was the greatest praise anybody had ever paid him.

Here, Lambert stunned and moved everyone, including Cher herself, with a magnificent rendition of one of the most well-known songs by the singer, “Believe.”

Watch the amazing video above to see how they admired his ability to flawlessly capture the voice and all the emotions of the song, even when it wasn’t his own.

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