When the woman read the message the homeless guy had given her, she burst into tears


The young woman noticed a beggar who was sitting under the café’s entrance as she passed by a street cafe.

Apparently prompted by the fact that she had just given birth to her own child, the madam felt bad for the homeless man.

Madame bought him some lunch out of compassion and made an effort to engage him in conversation.

The account of the poor guy’s troubles revealed to Madame how many hardships the poor man was facing.

He had no idea who his father was, his mother had cancer, and after developing a heroin addiction, he lost everything and found himself living on the streets.

Just think about the hardships he endured.

Madame was going to depart as the talk drew to a close when the guy grabbed her by the hand and urged him to wait.

He handed her a piece of paper on which he had written something.

Madame quickly tucked the letter away in her pocket and just gave it a quick glance while driving.

“Today I wanted to kill myself, but you changed my mind,” it said. I appreciate you, lovely person.

Imagine how she must have felt when she read the sentence. Talk to more people and practice compassion since even a simple gesture can save somebody’s life.

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