Right before exchanging rings, the groom left the church. What will occur next was unknown


One of the most significant days in a person’s life is their wedding.

To make that day more memorable, people today attempt to be as creative as they can.

Little surprises at the wedding may make the event exciting and create a new ambiance.

It depends on the bride and groom’s personal preferences, the environment, the company, etc.

We see a rather shocking surprise from the groom in the video below!

Robert and Stuart Kettell are highly imaginative and have very lively dispositions.

Stuart became Vicky’s favorite because of it.

Nobody anticipated that Stuart and Vicky’s wedding would include one of the most significant moments in wedding history with the groom surprising his bride-to-be with a joke just as the rings were being exchanged.

Even though the guests were aware of Stuart’s reputation, they didn’t believe he would dare to act in that manner during the church service.

The day of the wedding, everyone who was invited gathered at the chapel.

And everything was running smoothly. Stuart had left them at home, so Stuart and Robert freaked out when the priest asked for the rings.

Everyone first believed that, at least. Without the rings, the wedding could not proceed, according to the priest, who was undoubtedly aware of the prank.

Then Stuart ran away from the church, leaving the guests in a state of shock and confusion.

The prospective bride stayed by herself at the altar, appearing somewhat bewildered and uneasy.

But then something occurs that causes everyone to chuckle after a short while.

We won’t say too much, so watch the video below to find out for yourself!

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