A guy kept a stone for ten years in the hopes that it would contain gold, but he has since learned that it is much more valuable than any gold


A simple stone was preserved for ten years by an Australian farmer.

For him, the stone wasn’t just any old stone. He kept it for such a long time because he believed it to contain gold.

In search of gold was an Australian by the name of David Hall. In the vicinity of Melbourne are his farms.

Due to the discovery of gold there in the nineteenth century, this location was frequented.

David came to the conclusion that the boulder he had discovered contained gold beneath the rock, not just a stone.

Even the most cutting-edge instruments were unable to assist him complete the assignment since the stone was too hard to break in order to see what was within.

Hall just set the stone on the shelf as a memento after realizing that his efforts had been fruitless, but he persisted in thinking that it was precious and that one day he would discover the gold.

Most certainly, if his friend hadn’t done this, he would have kept dusting there till now.

The stone that was kept on the shelf turned out to be a meteorite.

It suggests the price was significantly more than he had anticipated.

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