A grieving grandpa wrote a letter to his daughter after she kicked her gay son out of the family


After his daughter expelled his son from the family because he was gay a few years ago, a grandfather penned a stirring letter to her.

Because of its impact, the letter periodically resurfaced on social media.

Many individuals have commented on how well crafted the letter is.

This grandfather’s message and what he was trying to say are timeless.

Gawker reports that the FCKH8 Facebook page was where the letter initially emerged.

According to a representative, Chad, the 16-year-old child described in the letter, gave it to him.

The grandpa answers in the letter to his daughter Christine’s comments that his son is “a shame to the family” and a “abomination.”

Because she did not raise him that way, she is likewise startled that he is homosexual.

The translated letter is as follows: “Dear Christine,

You have let me down as a daughter, I’m sorry. You are correct that there is a scandal in the family, however you are incorrect as to who it is.

The actual “abomination” here is kicking Chad out of your house just because he came out to you.

An “unnatural” parent is one who rejects their kid.

You’ve only made one insightful statement to me: “You didn’t raise your son to be homosexual.”

I obviously didn’t. He didn’t want to be left-handed either; he was just born that way.

However, you did decide to be cruel, small-minded, and foolish. Therefore, I believe I will use the chance to say farewell to you if we decide to disown the kids.

I’m too busy raising my amazing grandson right now to spend time with a callous female.

You can call us if you find your heart.

It is challenging to confirm the story because the teenager’s and his grandfather’s identities were never disclosed.

However, this grandfather and his grandson had a lot of assistance.

It’s not a coincidence that this moving message of compassion, encouragement, and hope has gone viral!

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