A 2-year-old kid thinks a man is Santa Claus, and her mother is deeply affected by her reaction


The two-year-old daughter approached the elderly guy she saw, believing him to be Santa Claus.

It was very cute to hear the man’s response and listen to them talk.

Santa Claus is without a doubt among the childhood heroes of children.

Whether it’s in a Christmas market or at home on Christmas Eve in the living room, when they see Santa, their cheeks light up.

Two years ago, a family was at a store buying Christmas presents when one such occasion was caught on camera.

Their 2-year-old daughter cries out, “Shh, it’s Santa!” as she covers her lips with a finger.

She had in fact seen a white-bearded man who remarkably resembled the figure she was anticipating seeing emerge from the chimney.

Sophie was brave enough to approach the man, whose name turned out to be Roger Larck, after some encouragement from her father.

Sophie walked up to the man and inquired, “Santa?” Roger responds, “I’ve been called worse.

and then carries on a precious dialogue Sophie will always cherish.

When “Santa” visits their home, Sophie shows him her lovely nails and urges him to bring cookies.

She promptly responds that he can only have one cookie when he asks whether all the cookies will be for him.

The remainder will be given to the reindeer, however she quickly realizes that they often simply eat grass after she says this.

Yes, he says, “but finding it at the North Pole is quite difficult.”

The girl’s elder sister captured the event on camera, and it’s really cute!

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