Tom Holland has revealed that Zendaya was his long-time celebrity crush


Put this one in the category of Zendaya and Tom Holland moments we’ll never forget.

On June 14 in Madrid, Tom and Zendaya show up for the Spider-Man: Homecoming photocall.

When he implied that he was Zendaya’s undeniable celeb obsession only last week, Timothée  gave the public everything they needed (and more).

Buzzfeed is to be credited for spreading the happy moment over the entire internet.

And, well, it turns out that he had already admitted openly that she was his own celebrity infatuation long ago, so he didn’t require his BFF to talk on his behalf.

Following their endearing exchange, fans have gone to social networks to fawn unceasingly, and some keen observers have even discovered evidence that Z’s love has already been shared.

Lauren  of Buzzfeed shared a recent scene on Twitter and wrote, “I will seriously never forget the fact  Chalamet mentions Tom as Z’s famous love and she simply chuckles.”

A supporter replied, “Bring this back,” and sent a video of him mentioning her as his celebrity obsession.

In 2017, he sat down with PopBuzz to talk about the movie during a press junket for Spider-Man.

The interviewer inquires, “Who was your initial infatuation on a famous person?” Tom responds without doubt, “Zendaya,” following a little delay to take a drink of water.

Then again, he changes his mind. Perhaps Jennifer, not Z, was the response.

Hey, only because she wasn’t initially doesn’t always mean she isn’t the largest, correct?

Check out the video above to see.

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