Their names for their twelve children show an amazing amount of creativity. Every child in the family has the same four letters


It might be challenging deciding on a child’s first name. Others like novelty, while others seek traditions.

Even better, you could completely invent it, or if you’re more inventive, you could mix them all.

Marino Vaneeno and Gweny Blanckaert are parents of 12 kids.

The four letters in the initial name of the Flemish couple’s children’s children have always been the same, but Metrotime has revealed that the order has changed, making them rather well known in Belgium!

Since Alex, now 12, was born, they have adhered to this guideline. The initial names of his ten siblings, Alex, Axel, Xela, Lexa, Xael, Xeal, Exla, Leax, Xale, Elax, and Alxe, were consequently formed using the letters A, L, E, and X.

Although it seems strange and original, you will undoubtedly mispronounce any of them when you are fatigued.

They’re expecting their twelfth kid in April, although we don’t yet know his name. Quite intriguing, huh?

The family currently has seven daughters and five boys. The much-anticipated new arrival is a boy.

Gwenny and Marino said that although their initial names had never caused them any issues, teachers occasionally had trouble locating them.

It’s unique, don’t you think? What do you suppose the name of their unborn boy will be?

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