Jeremy Renner, a Marvel actor, is in critical condition following a snowplow accident


According to a representative, the actor was critically injured in a snow plowing tragedy in Nevada.

The  star is “getting outstanding treatment,” according to the rep. While he is now stabilized, he is still in serious condition.

He had to be evacuated to a hospital outside Reno shortly after the incident.

The actor’s fa is said to be by his bedside in the clinic.

The Marvel superhero owns a residence near the Mt. Rose-Ski Tahoe hotel.

On New Year’s Eve, the region was pounded by a tremendous storm. Approximately 35,000 houses lost electricity.

He has a reputation for helping out the community by plowing snow. On Insta, he earlier shared a video of himself operating a snowplow.

I have a great deal of regard for Mother Nature and Mother Earth, he added.

I will always offer it my best effort, even though I anticipate to lose the battle.

A funny video of his Jeep driving about in the snow and enjoying life in the cold weather was shared by him just a few weeks earlier.

“Pre-winter preparations on a Monday could not be more enjoyable! Reno, “Writing was done by him.

He is well recognized for more than just helping people in the snow.

He’s a volunteer fire commander as well, and he even started a campaign to construct a Tahoe firehouse in December 2021 to “help battle fires.”

He informed Kelly, “I’m really installing an unit at the property in there since it’s a hot zone for wildfires.”


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“I deal with the fire services up north, and they are fairly fantastic. They are educating and assisting me, but I still need to spend more time with them.

In besides his role as Hawkeye in the Marvel movies, the guy is well-known for appearing in movies including The Hurt, S.W.A.T., Homecoming, and the popular television series The Mayor of Kingstown.

On January 13, 2014, he wed the Canadian supermodel Sonni. In the same year, she filed for divorce.

One child is shared between them in terms of care.

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