Hero sees 6-year-old boy alone with his hands tied after hearing a voice coming from a padlocked shed


In Dallas, Juan had rented a camper from his owner and her partner.

Because the 6-year-old grandson of the owner frequently visited her backyard, Juan came to know him.

A faint, muddled voice could be heard while Juan was outdoors. He scoured the yard in the dark using the flashlight on his phone, and eventually he was able to locate the enigmatic voice in a shed behind his camper.

But the shed was secured with a lock. When he called to the individual within, he learned that it was his owner’s grandson.

Standing outside the barn door, he started filming their gruesome conversation.

He realized he had to intervene after hearing the youngster describe his situation—including why he was trapped inside the barn, how long he had been there and the circumstances there.

That evening, he made a child protection call. Upon their arrival, Dallas officers found his landlord, her partner, and 2 other kids living in their home.

They were shocked by what they saw when they recently achieved the key to the shed.

Things may have turned out in an ultimate disaster if Juan hadn’t made the decision to pursue justice.

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