A 5-year-old lost chocolate Labrador reunites with his beloved family


There must be very few feelings in the universe worse than a pet’s loss.

To see that doggie and be reconciled with him, in my view, would be the best feeling.

One fam went through just this with their chocolate lab, and to make the matter more more painful, it happened after almost five years.

Before their assault on an Ohio residence where 166 puppies and kittens were being held prisoner, the Humane Society of the States spotted him while screening the creatures for microchips.

The Indiana fam who had been searching for their Lab for 5 years was connected with him.

What a relief! You may watch their heartwarming reunion in the video below.

The Animal Shelter was able to transport animals back to their proper homes, including him, in addition to saving these 166 animals.

Let’s show some love to this cutie as he deserves he. He spent so much time alone and away from his family.

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