Pitbull is adopted from a rescue by a woman, and he can’t stop hugging her because he is so pleased and thankful


Parents don’t often show their affection to rescue doggies, so it’s always heartbreaking when they need to be placed to sleep.

Thank goodness, a greater number of these shelter pets are finding supportive parents and new homes thanks to the growing trend of rescuing found kitties and doggies.

Russ the Pitbull found a caring home in the care of Kayla, a 20-year-old college student who worked as a volunteer doggie walker for a Philadelphia animal sanctuary.

It was love at first glance when he entered Filoon’s workplace, ACCT Philadelphia.

Filoon claimed that as soon as she set eyes on Russ, she felt there was a connection between them.

According to this image of Russ showing affection uploaded on Fb by a buddy of Filon, he seems to share the same sentiment!

Meet our Russ. Who could ever look away from such adorable face?

It was a case of “love for the first time” for Kayla.

He was severely beaten when he arrived as a stray.

As a result of his rapid loss of fur and extreme skinnyness, she knew the shelter would soon be forced to put him down.

She then made the decision to adopt him and bring him home!

He is a really loving dog and was extremely appreciative.

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