She had a baby when she was 13: now mother and daughter seem to be the same age


This story is about a young Australian woman who became a mother at the age of 13. Emma could not even imagine that she was pregnant.

She studied in the 7th grade and his growing tummy became more noticeable day by day.

Emma grew up in a small town in Australia. Strictness has always reigned in their family. As a child, Emma went to the Catholic Church. But everything changed when Emma was transferred to another school.

She lived a life worthy of an adult. She started dating a guy and after just two dates she got pregnant.

At first she had no idea what was happening to her, but she felt that it was all related to the pregnancy. Emma told her friends about it because she didn’t dare tell her parents.

She did not even understand the seriousness of this matter. Day by day her belly grew and on October 4, 2003 she gave birth to a 2.2 kg baby.

Emma’s daughter is now 16 years old and proud to have such a young mother. Emma herself confessed, saying that she would never want her daughter to follow her path.

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