A kid helped his father warm his newborn twins, and the touching picture of the event went viral


Scandinavian maternity hospitals started using a novel approach to nursing newborns a few years ago.

In medical, this technique is referred to as “skin-to-skin.”

The approach seems to be the most effective remedy. Soon after the remedy was liberally applied, a picture quickly went viral online.

A little child in the image warmed one of his new siblings as his father warmed the other baby.

Additionally, placing preterm newborns on their parents’ chests is a common practice in this situation.

In actuality, it is a highly successful therapy for the infant since it promotes relaxation and happy emotions in the child.

Additionally, “skin-to-skin” contact helps preterm babies survive and heal more rapidly by reducing postpartum stress.

The rate of survival of preterm newborns weighing 1 to 1.5 kg has lately risen from 30% to 70% thanks to this great approach.

Therefore, when these preterm kids were delivered, their parents were taken aback and did all in their power to ensure their survival.

Certainly with the assistance and ongoing support of the medical professionals!

Consequently, their 5-year-old son was concerned about the occasion as well.

The youngster also wished to take action to assist his identical twin siblings.

The medical personnel, as well as his parents, decided to really let him in.

In their opinion, it was crucial to foster a child’s empathy for others from an early age.

As a result, the youngster stepped forward and warmly welcomed one of his brothers.

Eventually, the users were moved by the boy’s act of kindness.

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