This dog can’t believe his eyes when he sees who’s behind the door


Sophie is a beautiful German Shepherd and she and her father Austin have been best friends since Sophie was very young.

Ellie, his owner, said she loved him very much. But this year, Sophie and Austin had to spend a lot of time apart due to personal circumstances.

Austin is in the US Army and was invited on a 6 month tour earlier this year. But, unfortunately, that meant he had to interrupt his usual schedule to have some fun with Sophie.

Sophie couldn’t understand him. After he left, she always went to their common room and looked for him. But, fortunately, Austin is not gone forever.

He was able to return home immediately after completing his mission. Ross decided to commemorate this unique moment when he knocked on Sophie’s door to surprise her.

The dog is about to feel full again. Sophie could hardly believe her eyes when the door opened.

Sophie’s shock quickly turned into an outpouring of love and excitement. It was a reflection of what Sophie’s spirit longed to experience each day that Austin was away. Ross said she really cried when she saw this!

Her father has returned, and now their family is united again. Now that he’s back, Austin and Sophie are fine, which is great.

Now that he’s home, they go on business and adventures together, they’re best friends forever! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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