After 24 years of motorbike searching, a father finds his stolen son


This story provides unmistakable proof that parents never give up on their children.

For one stubborn parent by the name of Guo, that much can be stated. In 1997, when he was exploring at the front entrance of his Chinese home, his 2-year-old son was abducted.

Many parents would feel that it is easier to leave the finding to the professionals, but he made it his job to locate his child no matter what it took.

According to ABC, kidnappings for sale are often reported in China.

The problem has gotten worse because of limitations that, up until 2015, only allowed the majority of urban families to have one kid.

Boys are offered to families who want a son to take care of them in old age. According to reports, human traffickers kidnapped his kid and sold him to a couple in central China.

When his child was abducted, the father, who was 27 years old, set out on a mission to find him and anticipated that it would take the rest of his life to accomplish it.

The grieving father quit his job, hopped on his motorcycle, and began a selfless trip that lasted 24 years and 310,000 miles.

He would seek guidance, solicit money, and sleep under bridges.

Usually, his bike’s back had a photo of his son attached. He soon began advocating on behalf of other families of missing children.

He ultimately found his long-lost son. View thr video to see that awesome reunion, it’s so heartbreaking.

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