Hungry dog walks up to stranger’s car and man mistakenly offers food


A hungry wanderer approached the stranger’s car, and the man offered him food.

The saying goes that if you feed an animal once, it is enough to keep it with you forever. But this homeless man didn’t even have to see the food before he got back to his house!

A dog approaches a stranger’s car and the man asks, “Do you want to eat?”

A beautiful gesture, but the dog’s next gesture quickly made the person regret it! The dog takes this as a signal to come in and starts climbing through the window to get in.

The man and his passenger were completely surprised and panicked by this unexpected gesture!

The camera shakes as the dog forcefully sits on the steering wheel and they can’t help but laugh at what just happened to them!

Shortly thereafter, a stray dog walks up to the passenger seat and looks at the man, as if to say, “So, about the food you promised… what about this?”

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