A kitten with an unusual color began adventures from the first days of life


The English term “Fever Coat” refers to the phenomenon of a cat being stressed or infected during pregnancy.

Due to this, the pigmentation process of their coat is disrupted, and kittens are not born multicolored, but as if discolored, their coat has an ashen or cream shade.

This is exactly what happened to Janie, a lonely orphaned newborn kitten in the middle of the street.

Still blind, helpless, Janie knew that she would have to fight hard for her life. She was found because she cried a lot and was even smaller than the palm of her hand.

A kitten weighing 82 grams drank milk from a small syringe and gained 100 grams in three days. Melissa, who became her savior, had a plan – she wanted to place Janie with the cat June, who also recently had kittens.

So she placed a transparent-walled incubator next to the cat’s bed and took care of the kitten for a whole week. At first, the cat seemed completely indifferent, but maternal instinct took over.

The cat at first wondered why the kitten was being pushed aside, and as a result, she became worried and Melissa brought Janie to her, then immediately began to lick the baby and accept him as her own.

Janey ate from a syringe and found it very difficult to suckle, but she asked for help from another kitten, Jasmine. Janie was the first of all the kittens to master her litter, and then she began to ask them for meat.

Today, Janie has already recovered, her dark spots have become even darker, standing out against the background of silver wool.

She is a very cute little kid who managed to survive and make her way into the future. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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