Frightened, helpless and in pain, a puppy tried to sneak into someone’s yard and collapsed there


Hope For Paws Rescue recently received a report of one dog that was clearly in distress. Gathering his strength, he entered the family’s courtyard and collapsed there.

Fortunately, the woman who lived in this house had a very big heart, she immediately realized that the dog needed help. She and her husband reacted quickly and decided to save the little puppy.

The dog’s paws were badly swollen and he could not support his own weight. From afar, the couple saw how hard the dog fought for his life, he was in pain.

The dog’s name was Milo, he was afraid of people and didn’t want to be touched. He just wanted people to treat him well. Therefore, the couple used a blanket and carried a small animal in it.

Milo was a very affectionate dog, but very weak. When he was taken to the vet, he was treated immediately. The vet explained that he had actually been bitten by another dog.

Life on the street turned out to be very difficult for him, during which he went through many trials.

Luckily, he didn’t have a broken bone, just a shoulder infection. Milo’s shoulder healed, the infection settled on his shoulder. Antibiotic treatment was started promptly.

The poor puppy fought hard for his life and showed that he would never give up. With a cast on his leg, Milo showed that he is a very playful puppy.

He became a puppy with a beautiful coat, and after treatment he turned into a completely different, healthy dog.

The good news is that he has found a responsible and loving family that takes care of him and just adores him. Now he is happier than ever!

Despite the fact that there are many caring people in our world, there are always kind people, and Milo’s case is a huge confirmation of this!

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