Abandoned dog begs passers-by to take her with them


Two dogs abandoned in an abandoned house in Mexico roamed the property in the hope that someone would see them and help.

One of the dogs desperately wanted someone to rescue him. When he saw these people trying to help him, he allowed them to do so even though he was very afraid.

After a visit to the vet, his rescuers realized why the poor dog was so eager to be saved: she was pregnant.

With the help of Animal Pad, the dog, later named Mama Wild, was placed in a foster home where she was finally able to regain her strength.

Lauren Botticelli, who helped greet the dog, was shocked by the rejection of this adorable dog. But in the end, she was very grateful that these puppies were not born on the street.

They filmed a very touching video about the rescue of the dog.

At her foster home, Mama Wild finally relaxed and soon gave birth to two puppies. Since becoming a mother, she has devoted herself entirely to taking care of the puppies and enjoys every second spent with them.

Her favorite thing is to devote to puppies and to be a loving mother. After spending about 2 months with their mother, puppies can be offered for adoption. Their mother will also be looking for a home forever.

Freed from danger, with a bright future and a loving new family, Mama Wild definitely doesn’t have to worry about herself anymore, she’s in good hands.

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