A Japanese doggie that resembles a raccoon has the internet completely smitten


A beautiful animal dubbed the raccoon doggie has the internet in absolute uproar right now.

This mammal, which is mostly found in Japan, is not connected to the familiar raccoons; rather, it is entirely distinct from them despite having a striking resemblance.

An image of a doggie known as a tanuki, which is the Japanese word for raccoon doggie, heating himself next to a small fire was shared more than 10,000 times earlier this month.

The majority of people confuse this species, known as a  doggie (or tanuki), for a typical raccoon, however it truly is not related to them.

Earlier this month, Twitter user @chibi tori posted some images of his raccoon puppy, and they quickly went popular.

After he was left behind in June, Chibi tori discovered him and has been caring for him ever since.

Tanu the  doggie may be seen here warming up near to a stove.

He really adores it. Tanukis used to hibernate throughout the winter, thus the most of the time you’ll find him napping next to his stove.

Tanu is shown here enjoying his lunch. He’s such a sweet little creature.

Visit @chibi tori’s Twitter account if you want to view more images of Tanu.

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