A few weeks after giving birth, the mother’s belly begins to grow and she realizes that she is pregnant again


Already six weeks after the woman gave birth to a child, she began to feel sick again. She thought she was pregnant again. Her belly got bigger and bigger every day.

She decided to go for an ultrasound and was very surprised when she found out what the problem was. Their baby girl was born in January and they were very happy with their little family.

A few weeks later her belly began to enlarge again and it was something mysterious to them.

Eliza became pregnant after 3 weeks of dating. In fact, they really wanted to have children and were happy to hear the news. Her husband Ben was delighted when he heard this.

When she finally gave birth to a girl, the first few weeks were very difficult for her, she was in constant pain, it was difficult for her to walk. She seemed to be exhausted.

But when her belly began to grow again, the couple were very surprised.

They recently gave birth to a child, how can this be real?

Eliza wanted to know what was happening to her and went for an ultrasound, and then she did a test. Two weeks later everything became clear, she was pregnant again!

They couldn’t believe it because it seemed unreal to them. The ultrasound results were amazing. They didn’t expect this at all!

But fortunately, Eliza’s next pregnancy was not very hard. She had twins who were born after the 36th week.

Amazingly, in just 11 months, she gave birth to three children, two of whom were born suddenly! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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