The pregnant cat sat in the rain, getting wet, with nowhere to go


This poor cat was sitting outside when it was raining heavily. She had nowhere to hide from the rain and she just stood there and got wet.

Before that, the neighbors noticed her in the morning in the same place, and from that moment she did not move. It was clear that the cat was pregnant, she had a round belly.

One of the neighbors found out about the kitten days before her birthday. The next day she found out that her friend took the cat from there and did not know where to stay. She couldn’t take her home with her.

She had a lot of cats in her apartment and couldn’t take another one into her home. Instead of celebrating a birthday, the woman went to take the cat to bring home.

Before that, she found out that the owner of the cat had died and therefore she was left alone on the street in this form.

A few days later, another family moved into their home, which behaved very aggressively with the cat and did not let it go home.

So, she began to wander the streets, begging passers-by for food and water. The girl took her and took her to the vet, the cat gave birth, but her children never survived.

The veterinarian said that she had a premature birth, so the kittens died immediately after birth. This was due to the fact that the cat had a cold, she stood outside in the rain and mastitis was added to the cold.

The cat is now in isolation, but she is so gentle and loving. She just loves people and other animals. When she is perfectly healthy, a good family will be found for her.

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