I bought a Maine Coon, I thought the cat would remain small: in 3 months it reached the size of a German Shepherd


“I have always loved cats, especially the Maine Coon, which is a cross between a lynx and a raccoon.

This is clearly seen in the tassels on their ears, as well as the fleece on their tail. I always really wanted to buy a Maine Coon, I was looking for him in my city for more than a month.

I visited many owners until I came across the most interesting specimen of this breed. In addition, the owner assured that the cat would not become larger in body size.

It was very cute and small, and he was willing to give it away at an affordable price. When I went to their apartment to buy it, I saw a perfectly normal kitten, energetic, happy and a bit sassy.

I immediately realized that this is the cat of my life, paid the money and put it in a special container. But then there was a problem: the cat grew to a huge size in just 3 months.

I had to feed him, almost in shifts, and often even at 4-5 in the morning. He was also always running around trying to wake me up. Soon the cat grew to the size of an average dog. But it was not an adult cat.

My friends and acquaintances were even afraid of him, stroked him and were surprised at the size of my cat. Despite his formidable appearance, the cat became quite calm and kind.

My Maine Coon is 3 years old today. If you are thinking about getting a cat of this breed, I will give you some advice.

Start exercising and carrying more weight. Mei Kung is very heavy, and it is quite difficult to carry it on your hands.

Get ready to spend 10-15 thousand a month just for his food and maintenance. Litter and food sell out very quickly, buy in bulk to save money.

Do not buy him mini-houses, do not buy a cat box, because when he grows up, he simply will not fit in it. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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