A boy gives up his dream shoes to buy boots for his poor classmate


David always sat by the window when he came home from school. That day he was sitting on the bus with other players. They all won the golden cup thanks to him!

David thought that this was his main dream. He even prepared a speech for him. One of his classmates approached him on the bus and said he was a fan and said he liked his boots. David dreamed of buying new boots and saving money to buy them.

He spent several months raising money so he could buy his first coveted shoes himself. The first time he raised money for them when he was only 12 years old, because he did not want to ask his mother.

He knew she was working to provide them all, so he bought them himself. He collected money with his labor and work, sold lemonades, delivered and saved this money. So he bought the shoes of his dreams.

On that day, he was riding the bus home and dreamed of going to the store quickly to buy these shoes. It was the best feeling in the world!

At this time, the bus suddenly hit a pothole, and one of the boy’s shoes next to him fell to the floor of the bus. David was surprised when he saw the age of his shoes. There were holes in it, the canvas came off and was very old.

He had tears in his eyes as he looked at the boy, whom he sobbed softly. David no longer wanted to go to the store alone. But the store already packed them for David.

All of a sudden he asked for boots a size smaller, but he was told that this was his size. David said it was for his friend as he stood there. The boy next to him couldn’t believe it, but said he didn’t need anything. He said he wanted to give his fan a gift.

The store owner heard their conversation and was very touched by his act. David was very happy to buy new shoes for a friend. It was a gift from the heart.

When they left the store, they were called back. The store owner told them that he knew how much David wanted these boots, but he didn’t buy them, he made them for his friend.

David was very proud, but a little embarrassed. The owner told him that he can choose the shoes he wants for free in the store, and also take them for his mother and sisters …

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