A sick, weak cat knocks on the window of the house so that they let him in the house and help him recover


It was a very cold day when a cold and sick cat found a way to ask for help. He began to approach the doors of houses and knock with his claws and ask them for help.

And one day his dream came true, because Jael opened the door. She opened the door and saw that a cat with a very sad face was sitting on the threshold.

He tried in every way to attract the attention of people to himself so that they would help him. This incident occurred in Canada, Quebec.

She said that it was very painful for her to see him in this form. She took him home, and then rushed him to the veterinary clinic to be examined. At the clinic, he was x-rayed and a blood test was taken.

The cat had a wound that was bleeding, and he also had problems with his teeth and he was very cold. The poor cat was later diagnosed with skin allergies, diabetes, fleas and worms. He needed to stay in the clinic for some more time.

At first the vets thought he was lost or abandoned. They thought he was sick and the owners were not willing to spend a lot of money on him. The kitten was named Aslan, and Jael decided that the cat would temporarily live with them.

He underwent surgery and continued treatment. But the woman did not want the cat to go through all this alone and took him to her.

After a short time, he got better and an announcement was made about him for the adoptive parents. But then Jael thought that she could not let him go to another and decided to leave him forever with her.

Because Aslan has diabetes, he doesn’t eat what other cats eat. He has a small diet that he follows. But despite all the problems, Aslan is finally happy with his new owner.

Fate brought them together and now they are together forever! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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