Tiny puppy separated from mother lives alone in shopping malls looking for his mother at night


The cute puppy in the photo was separated from his mother, thrown into the market all alone. He was still very small, pressed against the wall and cried.

He did not know what he should do without his mother, he did not know where he was and what he would do next? How can he get food and water, where is his mother? These questions remained unanswered in his mind.

On the way to work, Natalya found a baby near the market, he was sitting in a puddle and did not know how to live.

The puppy was quite well groomed and clean. His mother took good care of him. The girl took him to her pavilion and treated him to food, he was very hungry. She bought him special food for small dogs and bottle fed him.

When the baby finished eating, Natalia began to think where to leave the puppy, because he was too small for a shelter.

She didn’t want to leave him on the street because there were big dogs there that could offend him. Natalya did not know what to do with him and left him in the pavilion for the night. She wanted to know how the night would go there and if he would be all right at night.

The next day she went to him and saw that everything with him, fortunately, was in order, she was very worried.

She named the puppy Daisy. From that day on, Daisy began to live in the pavilion, he often cried when he was alone at night, because he was afraid no one was there to comfort him.

In the morning Natalya again went to him with food and fed him. When the girl was with him, Daisy was not afraid of anything, he was sure that there was nothing to be afraid of with her.

For a short time, at least he didn’t feel alone. Daisy is still just a baby and he has his whole life ahead of him, he will have many more adventures in life.

How sad that there are people in our world who treat our four-legged friends so cruelly. They simply took away his mother and left a completely newborn baby alone to the mercy of fate. If not for Natalya, the baby would probably have died of starvation or other dogs would have offended him, to put it mildly.

Throwing such a baby out into the street is the same as throwing a five-month-old baby out of the house. They can’t take care of themselves at such an early age!

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