A woman risked her life and became pregnant at 60, but her husband left them immediately after the birth of their daughter


Stephanie and her husband have been trying to have a baby for over 20 years without success. They have already come to terms with the idea that this is their fate and that there is no one to take care of them in their old age. But anyway, one day they were lucky, and Stephanie became pregnant.

She said that she knew about all the risks, but it was her dream and she could not help but take risks. They hoped that everything would be fine and that God was with them. It really was the couple’s biggest dream.

Stephanie Steriff’s husband was confused. He was very afraid for the life of his wife and that something would happen to her. However, despite his fears, he was always next to his wife and supported her in everything.

Before the birth of the child, he was in the hospital next to his wife and did not go anywhere on the side.

When their daughter was born, they named her Alice. Alice cried a lot, like all the other newborns. Although the couple achieved their dream, the baby’s crying made it difficult for the father to sleep and do other things.

He said he was 68 years old, had diabetes and couldn’t sleep well because of the baby’s crying. He justified this by the fact that he could not get enough sleep, he needed strength, which is why he left them.

Thus, Alice did not receive her father’s surname, and her father refused to help them with anything and even material support. Stephanie did not know what to do, it seemed to her a dead end. Her husband left her, she had no money to take care of Alice.

However, she refused to leave her daughter and did everything so that Alice lived in abundance. Stephanie was ready to live for him, knowing that everything would be difficult.

She knew there would be someone to help her take care of the baby. Most importantly, she gave birth to a healthy child and was pleased with her existence.

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