A small puppy lay in the bushes for several days without food and water and wept plaintively


One day the owner saw a little surprise near his shop, two little puppies.

Little puppies were abandoned there by some people, and they took them to themselves.

They began to take care of them, fed them and all the time tried to look for their owners.

Once, when they came to visit them, they heard some barely audible squeak from the bushes.

When they went down, they saw that there was another puppy lying there.

Turns out there were three. The third baby was quickly taken to the vet. But unfortunately, the poor puppy still had broken hind legs.

The puppy was hit by a car, and then hid in the bushes from the pain.

No one knew how long he was there in this position, he had neither food nor water.

The poor puppy was dehydrated, he was completely emaciated because he was too hungry, but there was no one to take care of him.

Soon he was treated with antiparasitic pills, and he was not allowed to move until the treatment was completed.

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