The unconditional love of parents is capable of anything, even bringing a dead newborn baby back to life


Although Kate and David have always valued their relationship, the couple still lacked children to be completely happy.

Kate tried to get pregnant for a very long time, but they did not succeed. Finally, 3 years after their wedding, her doctor finally told her she was pregnant and would have twins!

They were both in seventh heaven with happiness. They were already preparing for the birth of their beautiful children: they decorated the children’s room, bought playpens and many toys for them.

For the couple, unfortunately, there was a premature birth at the 6th month of pregnancy and it was a bitter blow to their back … There were very painful and difficult births. And that day was a real test for them.

After the birth, a doctor approached them and asked for the name of their son and they said they would name him Jamie.

The doctor looked at them sadly and whispered that Jamie was no more.

Kate asked permission to hug her son one last time and say goodbye to him.

The woman asked her husband to lie down next to him and warm her son with her warmth.

She put the baby on her chest and began to tell him how much they were waiting for both of them. They talked to him and wept together.

And then, surprisingly, Jamie suddenly inhaled, exhaled, opened his eyes and took David’s finger in his tiny hand.

Jamie was alive! The doctors didn’t know what to say, it was like a real miracle!

Even a medical explanation for this could not be found!

Fortunately, Jamie is now growing up as a happy baby, a healthy child and never ceases to please his parents.

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