The kind orangutan extended his hand to help the man out of the snake-infested mud…


The wildlife is absolutely amazing! The photo shows a wild orangutan who extended a helping hand to a man who accidentally fell into the mud. These amazing moments were captured by photographer Aniil Prabakar.

One of the employees of the orangutan rescue organization suddenly fell into the mud while working and got stuck there, he could not get out on his own.

He was a member of the Borneo orangutan survival project, the animals were looked after by the foundation.

They helped the orangutans who were kept there in captivity. The orangutans were soon released into the wild.

They take care of them, the poor orangutans who have suffered during this time. When one of the crew members noticed a poisonous snake nearby, he immediately went into the river. Orangutans are in danger because of these snakes.

When the man was caught and he tried to free himself, the orangutan decided to approach him and humanely extended his helping hand to him. He just wanted to pull the poor man out of the water.

Orangutans are different from other animals in that they are able to help people in such situations. They can give them a hand when they need it and just want to help them.

But in this case, this man could not agree to his help, because he was not allowed to interact with them. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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