Ann and John, who have broken a new record for 85 years of marriage, reveal the secret of a lasting and long-term love


Since November 25, 1932, a long time has already passed. World War I ended 14 years ago. The United States was then in the midst of the Great Depression and Roosevelt had just been elected president.

This day is also special for the couple Ann and John Bether. The couple grew up in a Syrian community in Connecticut.

They flew to New York for the wedding, which was a surprise and challenged her family to marry her off to a much older man.

This couple has been married for 85 years and is just amazing! They are 106 and 102 years old. They had the most unusual and longest marriage in history, they were named the champions of the United States for the longevity of marriage.

John said that everyone then said that this marriage would not last so long!

Ann and John have been on TV several times already, they even gave advice about their marriage several times. They were often asked how to last so long in marriage and what is the secret of their longevity.

At this time, it is important to understand and accept each other’s shortcomings and avoid quarrels.

They said that for all the time they had only one argument and that was food. They both have a very good sense of humor and it almost always helps in a relationship.

They are also good friends, it always helps them to stick together and not quarrel. Then it all helps love to last for a long time.

Ann says that marriage is no longer a love affair, it is already something serious between two people. They accept each other’s shortcomings, the way of life becomes common.

They also raise their common children and this also plays an important role in their relationship.

What a wonderful couple! We hope there will be many such long-term marriages in life! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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