Twins with amazing eyes turned 10 years old: this is what they look like today


These beauties that you see in the photos below are sisters Morgan and Megan, who recently turned 10 years old! Year after year their popularity is growing.

They are separated by their perfect facial features and the color of their eyes.

One of the sisters even has eyes of different colors and this makes her even more unique!

They have beautiful dark skin and African American curls that complete their unique look!

Due to a rare anomaly called heterochromia, Morgan has one blue eye and the other brown.

This is because she has unusual genes, her uncle and great-grandfather also had such a feature.

Their mother has long noticed that her girls have potential and, in addition, perfect external beauty, so she opened an Instagram account for them and actively maintains it.

The sisters lead an active lifestyle, they love to take pictures, pose for the camera and they do it wonderfully! Many models would envy them.

They have already managed to participate in fashion shows that were held in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

The sisters are already collaborating with major children’s brands.

They wear branded clothes and pose for photos that are posted on social networks. They are also the face of the Neon Kisses brand.

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